Friday, October 12

What I am really Thankful for

The past weekend was hellishly busy with the FRIDAY wedding (who does that??) and it went fine, my mother and her cross-dressing gay friend were gone before I got there. I was too tired to witness that kind of a scene anyways. We were very late which sucked but there was some food at the Midnight table and we caught up in the drinking pretty quick! Of course all the pics I have happened at the end of the night. You know that part of the night you are tempted by the infamous "devil drink" .. aka the one in the term one too many that you are pretty sure you can have, but finally pisses your liver off so much that it actually crawls out of your body and you can't find it for a few days. I didn't have one of those, and this Thanksgiving that is officially what I am thankful for!

Thanksgiving dinner went alright as well, I am just beyond tired out from it. It all feels like one big foggy drive in the woods and a day full of more food than I could name right now without taking way too long to type it. The Harvest Festival we went to was awesome, though. The longer I live here the more I really love the area. It's pretty cool to have your house be a 15 minute drive from this.

Andrea and I are headed to the Ill Scarlett show tonight @ La Luna. I really love seeing bands there, so it should be fun.....annnnnd I need to get ready actually so I'm going to go now. The rest of the weekend I will be doing what I want to do most. NOTHING AT ALL :) Yaaaay.


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