Thursday, November 29

Chocolate Rain Oops Paint

So last weekend we painted the livingroom!  This is what it looks like.  I sprained my toe in the process but it's done, it's brown, and.. I love it!  We were thinking of painting it light grey, like the kitchen, but felt like that was too cool of a colour for all the sepia we had in there.  It needed some punchy Chocolate Rain brown in there.  

Tip #1 in how to be like me: try and get lucky with some oops paint at the store.  This was a 5 dollar gallon!*

*In case you don't know what "oops paint" is, it is the paint at every store that mixes paint for you, that people have either saw and didn't like or changed their minds or didn't pick up.  Because of that the paint is ridiculously marked down in price.  Just ask where the oops section is if you don't see it.

This is my living Holiday Tree.  I just figured I would get a pic of it before it is no longer living.  I will be pretty impressed with myself if I can keep it alive until Christmas gets here!  It has sparkles on it by the way.

This is our little movie/computer set-up.  That is not where the chairs are supposed to go!  When we find a suitable desk chair that I like then maybe I will retake this picture.  I have so many movies stocked up for the winter I think I am OK if we get a snowstorm now.

Tip #2 in how to be even more like me: go to 

I have been attempting to fight off the flu with that Cold FX stuff, plus some Vitamin C and NeoCitran.  I am also drinking nothing but OJ.  Usually I do this when I am already helplessly sick beyond repair and sound like a man BUT I am trying something new.  Taking care of myself!  Haha.  If you want to be like me you ignore everything wrong with you just to, you know, "see what happens!" 

So tip #3, is buy some Cold FX, or even the generic brand which is basically just caplets of 100% organic Echinacea.  I'm feeling not so shitty, this is fantastic!

Friday, November 23

Radiator Mittens

Some pictures from Maria and Alanna's Birthday.. also Cousin Night!

Alisia, Me, Maria and Carolanne

Cousin Love

Whatever I was doing here, it was hilarious apparently.  Kinda looks like I'm telling them a story via my crotch.

Pringle Ducks?

Antonella said "let me try on your glasses so I can look smart" 
so I said "then you should probably put down the wine" 

That's my family, aww.  I think this is the only picture that exists of all us girl cousins together.  We're going to have to have some professional black out the other blonde girl.. I have no idea who she is.  lol.  Oh and those "whassamatta for you" guys in the background too, ya they can go.

Today I actually got to be out in the first snow of the year, yesterday I just watched it from my window.  I have noticed that it's one of those things that you don't miss at all until you see it.  I stood there and thought "oh yeah" like it just dawned on me that I really like snow and winter.  lol.  I think it's a universal feeling, maybe it's some kind of survival thing deep down in our DNA to remember previous wintertimes.  Like when I am 81 I will stand there and think "ah shit" instead; or "so this is the year I am going to die shoveling snow".  
Today I thought about a few times when I was a kid, what I liked to do in the snow.  One year I dug out the bottom of the picnic table to make an igloo.  2 hours later I had an igloo and I was fucking freezing.  But you know the thought of all that happy digging made me smile, especially when my mittens got completely soaked because my mom or my teachers would put them on the radiator to dry.  Sometimes you would have to go home or back outside and they hadn't fully dried yet so they were still damp, and how much that sucked.  Not all memories have to be good ones.  lol.  It made me smile because no matter what, that was just a winter thing, and nothing else.  Just like my grandma yelling at me every time I left the house to put on a hat.. wait that's not an annual thing.. that's all the time ;)

Thursday, November 22

Andrea is a frostitute

Sometimes I think my friend Andrea is probably the most entertaining person on earth.  Every time I get a  facebook message from her I piss myself just a little.  She finally saw Superbad at my place last Friday night, and basically for some reason we simultaneously agreed we needed to become superbad cops.  So I get this today... oh and you should know that Andrea owns a gun.  A pellet gun.. but you know, she thinks she's "the shit" now hahaha.

Andrea: "OK so when do you want to begin this idea of becoming superbad cops? You were serious right?
I got a spray tan for it......"

Ann-Marie: "I heard all you need to graduate superbad cop school is buying a gun and those reflective sunglasses. You're halfway there!!  Yeah I'm serious, I already bought assless chaps... I hope we needed those."

It's probably just me but whatever, I don't say it often enough how much fun it is to know each other.  And I was only half kidding about becoming superbad cops.. I think we totally should.
I'll just end this post with a joke Andrea wrote on my wall earlier this week, just for the irony that I am actually calling her hilarious.


I imagine that would look something like this...

If that doesn't remind Alaska that they hate me ....

..there we go.

Monday, November 19

Writers Strike

The writers of The Daily Show comment on the writers' strike:

All episodes of The Daily Show are available at the network website for free by the way.  They say that even if the strike ended now, getting started on production etc. we wouldn't see Heroes until January.  Now they are quickly starting up a whole line of reality dating shows... let me spoil the plot for you please: someone is either old, a fake billionaire, flavor flav or a lesbian.  Oh and then someone gets pissed off they got rejected and before you know it there's eyeliner everywhere.  This is why I don't have cable anymore, if you're curious.  All I'm saying is they better have this resolved by the time of Lost... or else.

Tuesday, November 13


Last friday was Sean's birthday.  He requested we not do anything special, so Brooke just happen to come over and we drank champagne and the only kind of wine that Sean likes in the universe of wine all night, then watched Superbad.  Totally hilarious.  I also made my Carbonara for dinner except extra 'Sean' cheesy, and let him drink out of my Medieval Times pimp chalice.  

What can I say, he's a simple man.  So for him it was hopefully the best birthday ever since it was pretty simple!  As a note to others: you should always wash your pimp chalice before you put it away for the year.  If we left it until March the wine residue would have celebrated it's first birthday.. ahh cut down in the prime of life.  The next morning we had some breakfast at Sunset and said he just wanted to spend the rest of the weekend watching movies with me and going for hot chocolate and dessert waffles.  Pretty special weekend indeed!

Tomorrow we are celebrating Maria's birthday so I think we are going out somewhere for that.  The time in between last weekend and this weekend's birthdays just involved work so nothing exciting there.  In general everyone got older, though, so I suppose there's that!

Anyway in actual life, I'm glad to say that as far as work is concerned lately I've decided I enjoy what I do and I feel lucky to do it.  I'm not going to write about work or working.. I never have, and mostly because it can get you into trouble apparently but other than that nobody really cares about what people do anymore, myself included!  And in my own journal I'm pretty sure I get the biggest vote.  I know when someone tries to tell me what they do for work I start thinking about what they would look like with a porno-stashe, or maybe if they got an Olde Tyme photo taken, are they are the kind of person that would be holding the musket or thigh pistol?  This leads to my being embarrassed that I don't know what many, but not all, of my friends do for work BUT I simply explain it's not the most interesting thing about you.   What I do want to say about what I'm doing is that I had no idea how nice it is to finally get to a point in your life where you are not just trusted with responsibilities, but someone actually says "I trust your judgement".   This isn't because I think I have poor judgement, and needed someone to give me a boost of confidence, but because I also realized lately what kind of person I really am.  I'm a musket holder.  Just kidding.. no anyway, it oddly enough came from an attempted compliment someone was giving me about arrangements I was making for them.  I decided to give them a break for a few weeks out of goodwill and all that and this woman said to me that she was so glad and thanked me for being so "accommodating".   That didn't really stand out as the positive statement it was intended as.  I thought FUCK.. I am accommodating!  I'm not very excited about coming to terms with that.  You can't fight what is in your nature, and though it has not very much to do with work since I rarely do that in business situations, it's somewhat depressing to have total strangers point out that if there is any kind of person on the planet.. you're the most likely to get taken advantage of!  Without recourse.  Just plain old, I will probably do something for you if you ask me, about 100% of the time even if I'm pissed.  Unfortunately I wasn't born stupid enough to let it pass entirely.. and this, my friends, is why I think perhaps I should have gone into some sort of hotel services work.  The only problem would be all the time I would have to put into forming personal relationships with everyone in order to get any sort of satisfaction out of it lol.  So yeah, it's pretty nice to be in a working situation where what you say is that way it is and some people really value your time and your judgement and don't consider it your job to accommodate them.  It's almost like I'm the boss or something!  Haha.  I don't think everyone can say that.. so I feel lucky.  Personal life I think more people should act like I'm the boss.  lol.  The end.

Wednesday, November 7

Indiann Jones

So instead of buying another MacBook I decided to just turn my fully functioning laptop into a desktop basically. We got a sexy keyboard, monitor and cherry armoire so.. I am not as enraged about it as I was. Looks pretty sweet and I get to sit in my comfy living room recliner as I type so don't feel too bad for me.

Before I start I just wanted to post a few screen caps I did from ads I saw in the last two days.  One of them is fake, and one is real.   The one below I saw while taking a personality test thing and I can't tell you how disappointed I am that it isn't real.  Either way the look on her face is incredible.   While on on the tangent, I got a "free PC scan" the other day from some spam and shockingly it detected like 3 serious viruses!  Which is funny since I run OS X.  Haha.

The Wendy's ad I had to check if it was actually real since I saw on the Colbert Nation website.  I just found it funny since their slogans, together, sound a little like a threat.  YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE at Wendy's... yeah... that's right.  I can only assume that what I deserve is 12 extra pounds and maybe if I like getting what I deserve frequently enough I'll also get a free heart attack.  That's right.  I should also note that since I don't watch TV anymore I am unfamiliar with ads so this may not have been as weird to you as it was to me.  

Now on to the story that happened this week that basically makes me the lady version of Indiana Jones.  So it was garbage day and I decide I should probably get some of that shit outside early in the morning so I don't forget later.  I always forget.  I get out there and the door is bolt locked behind me by some tiny little fingers.  I am wondering how this is possible since I wasn't out there for longer than maybe 30 seconds. Being as it was freezing out and I had no coat you can bet your ass I wasn't taking my sweet time!  So I try pleading at the door to open the lock for about 10 mins but it was clear they had no idea how to do that.  How it happened in the first place I have no clue.  I thought about breaking the door down but other than the fact I can't do that, I would basically be smashing a tiny little face.  I also realize at this moment there are no other doors open at this time, the side door, basement,  everything is locked. I have no coat I'll remind you.. and no phone either and of course nobody else is there but me.  I am holding off on freaking out as long as possible when I remember the upper balcony door IS open.  I remembered opening it for some reason and the only way to get to it is by leaping over from the balcony beside it.  So I get to the other balcony and am up on the edge about to jump over when I realize.. this seemed like a much better idea before I got here.  There are no other options, I remind myself, so I jump over.. hero style.. while thinking safe thoughts.  All of those thoughts didn't include me falling off a balcony, if you're curious.  

Something that ISN'T as awesome as me heroically jumping over a balcony?  Stephen Colbert got denied as a candidate!  What a great message to send young voters.. "we don't really care what you think!"  If you're interested, some guy has hired himself in the non-paying job of running so if you're interested in getting involved you can check that out.  I'm Canadian so I imagine my opinion is the same weight as of a talking ladybug.  Ah well.. 

Friday, November 2


This entry is brought to you by the abyss that is now my MacBook screen.. I have about a 3 inch window that isn't completely fucked, comparible to looking at a window with a baseball through it.

It was boughd to happen since I am careless with my things but I don't see whtat that has to do with anything... all I ask is that when I buy things they are totally indestructable! That's all!

Oh and since I cant see what I am typing, if there are any erros or spelling mistakes please comment with the correction and also leave your home address and some times you will be there. I'd really like to thank you in person, by kicking your fucking nipples off! Don't tell me you don't like that?
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