Thursday, November 29

Chocolate Rain Oops Paint

So last weekend we painted the livingroom!  This is what it looks like.  I sprained my toe in the process but it's done, it's brown, and.. I love it!  We were thinking of painting it light grey, like the kitchen, but felt like that was too cool of a colour for all the sepia we had in there.  It needed some punchy Chocolate Rain brown in there.  

Tip #1 in how to be like me: try and get lucky with some oops paint at the store.  This was a 5 dollar gallon!*

*In case you don't know what "oops paint" is, it is the paint at every store that mixes paint for you, that people have either saw and didn't like or changed their minds or didn't pick up.  Because of that the paint is ridiculously marked down in price.  Just ask where the oops section is if you don't see it.

This is my living Holiday Tree.  I just figured I would get a pic of it before it is no longer living.  I will be pretty impressed with myself if I can keep it alive until Christmas gets here!  It has sparkles on it by the way.

This is our little movie/computer set-up.  That is not where the chairs are supposed to go!  When we find a suitable desk chair that I like then maybe I will retake this picture.  I have so many movies stocked up for the winter I think I am OK if we get a snowstorm now.

Tip #2 in how to be even more like me: go to 

I have been attempting to fight off the flu with that Cold FX stuff, plus some Vitamin C and NeoCitran.  I am also drinking nothing but OJ.  Usually I do this when I am already helplessly sick beyond repair and sound like a man BUT I am trying something new.  Taking care of myself!  Haha.  If you want to be like me you ignore everything wrong with you just to, you know, "see what happens!" 

So tip #3, is buy some Cold FX, or even the generic brand which is basically just caplets of 100% organic Echinacea.  I'm feeling not so shitty, this is fantastic!


Robert said...

That looks AWESOME. You have the greatest taste in paint.

Ben said...

I hear drinking shots is good for the flu... it like, murders the bacteria and such. And it is more fun than Cold FX. An AWESOME way to get better.


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