Wednesday, November 7

Indiann Jones

So instead of buying another MacBook I decided to just turn my fully functioning laptop into a desktop basically. We got a sexy keyboard, monitor and cherry armoire so.. I am not as enraged about it as I was. Looks pretty sweet and I get to sit in my comfy living room recliner as I type so don't feel too bad for me.

Before I start I just wanted to post a few screen caps I did from ads I saw in the last two days.  One of them is fake, and one is real.   The one below I saw while taking a personality test thing and I can't tell you how disappointed I am that it isn't real.  Either way the look on her face is incredible.   While on on the tangent, I got a "free PC scan" the other day from some spam and shockingly it detected like 3 serious viruses!  Which is funny since I run OS X.  Haha.

The Wendy's ad I had to check if it was actually real since I saw on the Colbert Nation website.  I just found it funny since their slogans, together, sound a little like a threat.  YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE at Wendy's... yeah... that's right.  I can only assume that what I deserve is 12 extra pounds and maybe if I like getting what I deserve frequently enough I'll also get a free heart attack.  That's right.  I should also note that since I don't watch TV anymore I am unfamiliar with ads so this may not have been as weird to you as it was to me.  

Now on to the story that happened this week that basically makes me the lady version of Indiana Jones.  So it was garbage day and I decide I should probably get some of that shit outside early in the morning so I don't forget later.  I always forget.  I get out there and the door is bolt locked behind me by some tiny little fingers.  I am wondering how this is possible since I wasn't out there for longer than maybe 30 seconds. Being as it was freezing out and I had no coat you can bet your ass I wasn't taking my sweet time!  So I try pleading at the door to open the lock for about 10 mins but it was clear they had no idea how to do that.  How it happened in the first place I have no clue.  I thought about breaking the door down but other than the fact I can't do that, I would basically be smashing a tiny little face.  I also realize at this moment there are no other doors open at this time, the side door, basement,  everything is locked. I have no coat I'll remind you.. and no phone either and of course nobody else is there but me.  I am holding off on freaking out as long as possible when I remember the upper balcony door IS open.  I remembered opening it for some reason and the only way to get to it is by leaping over from the balcony beside it.  So I get to the other balcony and am up on the edge about to jump over when I realize.. this seemed like a much better idea before I got here.  There are no other options, I remind myself, so I jump over.. hero style.. while thinking safe thoughts.  All of those thoughts didn't include me falling off a balcony, if you're curious.  

Something that ISN'T as awesome as me heroically jumping over a balcony?  Stephen Colbert got denied as a candidate!  What a great message to send young voters.. "we don't really care what you think!"  If you're interested, some guy has hired himself in the non-paying job of running so if you're interested in getting involved you can check that out.  I'm Canadian so I imagine my opinion is the same weight as of a talking ladybug.  Ah well.. 


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