Friday, November 23

Radiator Mittens

Some pictures from Maria and Alanna's Birthday.. also Cousin Night!

Alisia, Me, Maria and Carolanne

Cousin Love

Whatever I was doing here, it was hilarious apparently.  Kinda looks like I'm telling them a story via my crotch.

Pringle Ducks?

Antonella said "let me try on your glasses so I can look smart" 
so I said "then you should probably put down the wine" 

That's my family, aww.  I think this is the only picture that exists of all us girl cousins together.  We're going to have to have some professional black out the other blonde girl.. I have no idea who she is.  lol.  Oh and those "whassamatta for you" guys in the background too, ya they can go.

Today I actually got to be out in the first snow of the year, yesterday I just watched it from my window.  I have noticed that it's one of those things that you don't miss at all until you see it.  I stood there and thought "oh yeah" like it just dawned on me that I really like snow and winter.  lol.  I think it's a universal feeling, maybe it's some kind of survival thing deep down in our DNA to remember previous wintertimes.  Like when I am 81 I will stand there and think "ah shit" instead; or "so this is the year I am going to die shoveling snow".  
Today I thought about a few times when I was a kid, what I liked to do in the snow.  One year I dug out the bottom of the picnic table to make an igloo.  2 hours later I had an igloo and I was fucking freezing.  But you know the thought of all that happy digging made me smile, especially when my mittens got completely soaked because my mom or my teachers would put them on the radiator to dry.  Sometimes you would have to go home or back outside and they hadn't fully dried yet so they were still damp, and how much that sucked.  Not all memories have to be good ones.  lol.  It made me smile because no matter what, that was just a winter thing, and nothing else.  Just like my grandma yelling at me every time I left the house to put on a hat.. wait that's not an annual thing.. that's all the time ;)


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