Tuesday, November 13


Last friday was Sean's birthday.  He requested we not do anything special, so Brooke just happen to come over and we drank champagne and the only kind of wine that Sean likes in the universe of wine all night, then watched Superbad.  Totally hilarious.  I also made my Carbonara for dinner except extra 'Sean' cheesy, and let him drink out of my Medieval Times pimp chalice.  

What can I say, he's a simple man.  So for him it was hopefully the best birthday ever since it was pretty simple!  As a note to others: you should always wash your pimp chalice before you put it away for the year.  If we left it until March the wine residue would have celebrated it's first birthday.. ahh cut down in the prime of life.  The next morning we had some breakfast at Sunset and said he just wanted to spend the rest of the weekend watching movies with me and going for hot chocolate and dessert waffles.  Pretty special weekend indeed!

Tomorrow we are celebrating Maria's birthday so I think we are going out somewhere for that.  The time in between last weekend and this weekend's birthdays just involved work so nothing exciting there.  In general everyone got older, though, so I suppose there's that!

Anyway in actual life, I'm glad to say that as far as work is concerned lately I've decided I enjoy what I do and I feel lucky to do it.  I'm not going to write about work or working.. I never have, and mostly because it can get you into trouble apparently but other than that nobody really cares about what people do anymore, myself included!  And in my own journal I'm pretty sure I get the biggest vote.  I know when someone tries to tell me what they do for work I start thinking about what they would look like with a porno-stashe, or maybe if they got an Olde Tyme photo taken, are they are the kind of person that would be holding the musket or thigh pistol?  This leads to my being embarrassed that I don't know what many, but not all, of my friends do for work BUT I simply explain it's not the most interesting thing about you.   What I do want to say about what I'm doing is that I had no idea how nice it is to finally get to a point in your life where you are not just trusted with responsibilities, but someone actually says "I trust your judgement".   This isn't because I think I have poor judgement, and needed someone to give me a boost of confidence, but because I also realized lately what kind of person I really am.  I'm a musket holder.  Just kidding.. no anyway, it oddly enough came from an attempted compliment someone was giving me about arrangements I was making for them.  I decided to give them a break for a few weeks out of goodwill and all that and this woman said to me that she was so glad and thanked me for being so "accommodating".   That didn't really stand out as the positive statement it was intended as.  I thought FUCK.. I am accommodating!  I'm not very excited about coming to terms with that.  You can't fight what is in your nature, and though it has not very much to do with work since I rarely do that in business situations, it's somewhat depressing to have total strangers point out that if there is any kind of person on the planet.. you're the most likely to get taken advantage of!  Without recourse.  Just plain old, I will probably do something for you if you ask me, about 100% of the time even if I'm pissed.  Unfortunately I wasn't born stupid enough to let it pass entirely.. and this, my friends, is why I think perhaps I should have gone into some sort of hotel services work.  The only problem would be all the time I would have to put into forming personal relationships with everyone in order to get any sort of satisfaction out of it lol.  So yeah, it's pretty nice to be in a working situation where what you say is that way it is and some people really value your time and your judgement and don't consider it your job to accommodate them.  It's almost like I'm the boss or something!  Haha.  I don't think everyone can say that.. so I feel lucky.  Personal life I think more people should act like I'm the boss.  lol.  The end.

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Benjamin said...

I'm the furthest thing from accomodating... selfish, self-absorbed and a true solo act of the highest calibre. So what job field have I chosen for myself you ask? The hotel and hospitality business. Yeeeah. Every morning I wake up and wish I had been more interested in computer programming so that I could have spent my life in a dank basement with moldy, half-eaten boxes of chinese food.

When the incompatibilities of my character traits and my profession get me down, I turn to this page for porn staches and olde tyme outfits to cheer myself up:


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