Monday, December 3

Home Improvement 2

*This is also OOPS paint, FYI.  3 cans of it at $9 each.  At first glance I thought it was more of a Heather Grey but ended up going on and drying a slight Robins Egg Blue.  I'm going to be calling this Robins Grey Blue.  Um, yeah I took a colour naming course in University... actually it was my major. 

We decided to paint the kitchen, which was great because we were sick with the plague so what better thing to do then paint.  However, nothing helps you get over a cold faster than a sense of accomplishment and self satisfaction; or at least that's what I've been told by people who can't afford real medicine.  Personally I like to cover all my bases so I accomplished something and also bought the pharmacy out in remedies.. both placebo and real.  Just in case my ability to believe in anything at all was lost after I watched The God Who Wasn't There.  In response to the guy who commented on my last post: taking shots to cure my cold isn't an option.. that theory has been proven to simply get the cold drunk, then it gets angry, accuses me of stealing $5 from his pants and beats the shit out of me.  Yeah it's that kind of cold.  So let's see, I've bought a bunch of non generic Cold FX, Vitamin C (the tasty chewable kind), Neo Citran Cold and Cough, and Fish Oil.  That last one was just for the hell of it!  I also take iron and multivitamins everyday... so this is really fucking pilltastic.  Ugh.  Whatever though, I've determined I should definitely be feeling worse than this so I declare.. victory?!

My Fish also wanted to be included in the home improvements since I cleaned his tank.  It was looking pretty scummy due to the fact he eats and shits enough for 10 fish. 

Oh and my new zoolander phone is working pretty awesome, which I suppose is another improvement.  My babe bought it for me since he decided it was an Ann phone, and got a hot pink plate for it.  Sure it's the tiniest phone ever but it gets great reception in the house.  Something that has been sucking for quite a while.    

If I could only figure out where to talk into.



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