Monday, December 10

Now that it's raining more than ever

Friday's Ill Scarlett show was so much fun.  I got this shirt.. it's pretty much my favourite.  And, because last time I was really disappointed at the shitty recordings I found online of their cover of the song Umbrella, I recorded my own video when they played it.  Of course it's also shitty, but less so since it's mine.  

Anyway I took the liberty of making a mini-mix tape for you to have something new to listen to.    If it auto-plays... SORRY.  Especially if you had your speakers turned way up for some reason.

One artist I wanted on here but couldn't get any recordings is Down With Webster.  They were one of the bands that opened at the show and honestly I wanted to hate them but I just couldn't!  Really interesting sound.  Especially their song Let Me In. They will be performing with Ill Scarlett on the 21st at the Naughty & Nice show at the Opera House.  So ..I will probably be going to that.  I like that venue anyway, less crowded-hot than the Casbah.

Next week is the dreaded XMAS shopping.  Usually I get so stressed out I end up not being as happy about what I buy, so hopefully that won't happen this time.  We are opting for thoughtful gifts that are also less expensive gifts this year, so the pressure is ON!  Trust me, expensive presents are real easy to buy.. not the other way around.  If Santa didn't have all that free labour there would be a lot of little pissed off faces around the world.  I'm pretty sure history wouldn't remember him the same way.. more like Santa, that fuckin guy who gave me a box of pebbles.  



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