Friday, December 28

The whole goddamn day in bed

I am not working at all until the new year so I figured I'd get all crazy and update on my Christmas.  First of all it was fantastic.  Thanks for asking!  I hope your was also.. yadda yadda and a happy New Year.  Secondly, all of my Christmas presents have told me that 2008 will be the year of rest.  I am beyond excited about that, to be perfectly honest, I'd take that over a brand new car.  Those sleep presents include:

- Sleep Sense black sleep pants (aka. apparently my new favourite kind)
- Jersey fitted sheets
- $4000 bedroom set & fucking ridiculous awesome new mattress 
That last one is actually half a Christmas/Wedding present, but it counts!  It's a new year of relaxing and I cannot wait for it to get here!!  I can't find anything wrong with the fact I will be spending a lot of time in bed ;)  

Subsequently my entire Ikea bedroom is for sale, on the cheap, if anyone is interested.  I'm talking everything. Email me.  Put it this way... for a few hundred dollars you could have an entire bedroom that ALSO has the rare reputation of being slept naked on by me (emphasis that it's all washed and clean however).  That's right, I just put a price on something otherwise priceless!  All you have to do is come pick it up.


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