Saturday, December 15

Wrong Reaction

The biggest snow storm in recent memory is supposed to be coming tonight.  On the way home from finishing our xmas shopping we heard on AM 640 that MMA fighter Ryan Gracie had died.  Very sad news.  Then a few minutes later the host had a guest on talking to her about how the storm tonight will leave us with the most snow in December since 1944.  She reacted as if someone told her the killstorm had been upgraded to level "Blood" and has already left 53 dead, and thousands of tiny kittens homeless and freezing to death in the streets.  Literally she yelled  OH MY GOD!!!!  lol.  Yes everyone please pray for me, I will be stuck in my nice warm house all weekend wrapping presents, painting the basement, eating pizza and drinking wine.  

Why is God so cruel?!  Doesn't he know I hate STORMS?


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