Friday, January 4

2008 the year of sleep, and learning?

Happy 2008 everybody! I hope many of you have not fallen ill but let's face it, chances are you have. So, sorry to hear that. I myself have had a stomach flu for 2 days (ie. eternity) so I am just now getting back to things. Or at least, I'm getting back to the spot I think things were when I left them last week.. and we'll see what happens!

Snakes on a Plane! I already have a lesson for the new year:

If you feel sick, don't wait all day in the lying down position "because that's the only thing that doesn't make me want to throw up" and see if you will feel better before calling someone. You will end up nearly dehydrated with just one sandwich in your stomach. Just call your grandma, she will bring soup, then go get some gatorade and don't bother with the Doctor. They won't give you anything because they WANT you to vomit and shit the evil out of you. Your begging for sweet sweet death is merely something that "is going around" Just FYI.

Otherwise.. Christmas was great

My grandma even humored me and made my Christmas Morning Pancakes.  Humored me as in she thought it was ridiculous, said so, told me she was humoring me, and then made them.  lol.  In retrospect I suppose having a kit is pretty ridiculous.  

New Years was also awesome.  Me and Sean went out to dinner at Milestones together, then stopped at Andrea's for some Guitar Hero 3, the countdown, lots of wine, games, gun shooting and crazy hats!

A very special video will be posted next time. Until then, enjoy 2008. I know as of the 10th my new mattress will be here and then basically nothing on earth will matter ever again. lol. Did I mention I can't wait??


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