Monday, January 21

Good Old Days

I just got tagged in some Facebook pics from my High School days that I had never seen before.  You know, way back when you took a picture and had no idea what it looked like right after it was taken, but it didn't really matter until the technology was invented.  Your batteries also lasted longer and the fun times never took a pause due to scrolling through the picture that was just taken and agreeing if it sucked or not.  Then you had to develop the film with doubles, for those who didn't bring their camera, and everything!  Man those were the days....

The first one is my best friend Jenny from December's Dumbest Thing I Have Ever Said story, part 17. And second is some Halloween dance, though I am not sure what everyone else is supposed to be. lol.

....and just to prove my uniform anecdote is 100% unexaggerated, here is photographic evidence that I wore a SWEATER in summer time just to avoid tucking in my shirt.  

Anyway, as for the new, I finally got my new glasses this week and in the seeing category I am very pleased.  I also bought a fireplace for the livingroom.  Just like that, it starts snowing like crazy today... so clearly the fireplace was a top notch idea!  So sit back and think about how awesome that is.


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