Tuesday, January 29

Little Plastic Milk Hats

New Flickr pics are up of our snowboarding adventure. It was a lot of fun!  I am black&blue, sore, and happy I went. That said, the bruise count is up to 5 right now. My favourite is the one on my right thigh that is about the size of a cell phone.  I call it "that little bastard".  It was from my first time realizing that I had no idea how to steer!

Anyways, I thought I should let you know how that went.  Hopefully we'll go again soon.  As soon as I typed that my body took control of my hand and slapped myself in the face.  Weird.

So I consider myself somewhat of an idea person, meaning I invent things from time to time. Most of these inventions are just things I think will make other inventions better.. so don't think I am inventing lightbulbs here. If I were I think I would have mentioned it, oh once or twice by now. Anyways! I don't want to advertise all my good ideas because I am sure the minute I did one would get stolen and used by some shifty-eyed guy to make a billion dollars and then I will be FORCED to throw this computer out the window and move to France. And I don't want to do that! What I will divulge to you is my first invention idea. I can't say how young I was but at some point in my little life I became interested in milk bags. Of course I remembered this story yesterday for absolutely no reason other than I was opening a milk bag. I used to watch my Grandma open a new bag with scissors all the time, and decided it was pretty silly that we throw away that little plastic triangle that is cut off. 

I automatically assumed it was used for something, but when I asked her she said we just throw it away. Unbelievable, right? Throw away a perfectly good.... uh... hmm. I tried to figure out a way to use it, as doll hats, finger puppets, fake nails (or nail protectors!) ETC... but it never worked out. They truly were USELESS. I threw my little girl hands up in disgust! Later on there was that invention of the blade that sticks on your fridge to open the bag of milk, which I thought was neat.  And I believe there have been some inventions since then trying to seal the bag back up after it is opened.  However these are not really addressing the problem of the useless plastic milk-hat which gets thrown away, which is clearly the more important issue. To this day, while it was my first inventive idea, it remains unsolved. So if anyone out there has any great ideas on what to do with those plastic milk bag triangles, I would love to hear them!  If I like it, I will tell you my great adult cereal idea.*

*No it is not just 2 Cheerios stuck together and renamed Titty'Os.


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