Tuesday, January 15

If you were a wink, I'd be a nod

My friends, I am in mattress heaven.  Man does it feel good.  In 3 days I will be in Birthday Hell purgatory, as Amber commented, Babyface is getting old.  And in one week I will be in vision heaven, because I am finally getting new glasses.  I've put it off for some time (wtf 3 years) for absolutely no reason, and my eyes have worsened to the point I could barely read the chart WITH them on.  Apparently at my age your vision slows down on what I like to call self-retardation.. and levels out to whatever level of suck you are currently at.  I am stoked since that sort of thing is important to me.  Every time I get my prescription updated it's almost comparable to how a person with no legs feels when they go from a standard wheelchair to one that is motorized.  Every. Damn.  Time.


I have been watching movies basically every night and felt like maybe I should post the most enjoyable, perhaps to inspire you to have a great night in.. or out.  Last night I have to say, was my favourite movie+soundtrack combo.  


The rest are:

4. Hitman 
3. 310 to Yuma 
2. Walk Hard 
1. No Country for Old Men

As for the comment from Benjamin (coincidentally also my new neighbor, how crazy is that) upon further speculation (aka walking into my garage filled with boxes) I have to admit that I own a semi-habit/compulsion called Pizza Depot.  It's at the end of the street and I'm sure if you have tried it you and I will share this habit with me very soon.  All the delivery guys know me on sight and that is SAD.  Really really very depressing.... like Norm from Cheers who had his own stool in the bar and dug a permanent ass print into it.  Whatever you do though, Benjamin, don't try the orange dipping sauce.  I don't wish the "cheesy jalapeno" compulsion/habit on anyone.  It is too powerful.  Take it from someone who was never convinced to need dipping sauces to enjoy my pizza.  Now I basically eat more pizza just to get to the crust so I can have more evil cheesy jalapeno flavour.   So thanks, yes, I have a (bad) habit perhaps... not exactly what I had in mind when I said I wanted a habit.  I suppose I will keep looking.  And also thanks Pizza Depot, for the extra 5 lbs.  I have enjoyed every single one of them.


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