Friday, January 25

It's Friday

Search of the Week:

A person from Seattle WA was directed here after their google search of "Mark Paul Gosslar"  Special mention - they were running windows 98 and on dial-up.  

That is exactly the type of person who still wonders... Hey, whatever happened to Zack Morris??

Man I love searches.  Before I move on, I can't stress enough how disturbing I find it that a lot (5 just this week) of people get to my website by typing LESBIAN CARTOONS.  If this is you.... stop doing that, you have an animated sickness.  It would just help me sleep better at night knowing that whatever freaks read this, at least they don't touch themselves every time they wonder if Strawberry Shortcake and Smurfette had a crush on each other.  I hope this is the last time I will say this but I have a feeling it's not.  

Re: my crush doom list.  Sadly, I have to add Heath Ledger.  The reason he was not on it previously is 1. his movies are not crappy (I will leave A Knights Tale out of this, out of respect).  In fact, I still love 10 things I Hate about You.  A lot of people do.  &  2. he was still relevant.  Batman is really going to be great, and I still really can't wait to see it.

Saturday I'm going snowboarding during the day.  I am pretty excited about all the fun ways the snow is going to make me it's bitch.  I am READY for it!  I'm also pretty positive I will get no sympathy since Andrea flat out told me if I fall she will shove snow in my mouth.  Later that night we are all-out partying for my cousins duel 25th birthday.  Overall it's looking like Saturday will be a great day!  And a little rockstar, if I do say so, and I just did.


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