Tuesday, February 19

Bad News: I killed something again

The living holiday tree is no longer living.  I suspected it stopped living a few weeks ago when we'd lift it up to put water in it and it smelled like someone crapped their pants.  I just assumed someone may have crapped their pants... but now it is overwhelmingly obvious that if it smells like someone craps their pants every time I go near the tree then the tree is probably dead/dying.  I'm no plant expert but I also don't think it's "good" if the branches are all pointing down.. making kind of a frowny face. To make sure I googled my tree smells weird and there were actually quite a lot of responses to pick from.  The best source was some kind of Christmas Tree Association?  While mine was a potted plant and the other examples were for actual cut Christmas trees, it was still similar enough that I realize the results are the same:  I killed it.  I over-watered it or I guess nature hates me and it committed plant suicide by refusing to drink and letting the water stagnate and grow bacteria.  That or it was the fucking sparkles embedded into it when I bought it.  I was hoping it would live until the ground thaws and I could plant it in the backyard, but I guess the thought of an entire lifetime of having to live in my backyard was too sad for the tree.  It was too sparkly to live just an ordinary life.

I had a really great video to put up here that Samantha took of Andrea getting drunk after we went snowboarding, but apparently Facebook doesn't let you share!  In it's place is the second best video I have seen this week.


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