Monday, February 4


Saturday was a great day, very nice weather, heavy snow though, but shockingly I didn't hurt myself too badly!  Just one fall at the bottom I could have done without.  By the way, who goes snowboarding and sits 2/5ths down the hill and chats on their cell phone?  Just a question...  !  What did you seriously have to talk about??  And why didn't I run into her?

I think we're all agreed to make this a regular thing as long as the weather holds out, for anyone who dares to come with.  My dad seemed to think he would be a double black-diamond-belt snowboarding ninja. I might have to insist he comes next time, then! Talk is cheap, yes, we all know this. Let's see it! ;)

Sad blog news. It looks like one of my favourite blogs has been baleeted, possibly forever!  If you got a chance to read it yourself you will know that John Mayer's blog was totally awesome.  I enjoyed reading his blurbs quite a bit since he is very funny and very smart.  At any rate, it made me wish we were friends, and it deserved a mention now that it is gone.  Let's move on to his successor on my blog roll list:  Things I've Bought That I Love.  A cute and funny little blog by Mindy Ephron, one of the actors/writers from The Office.  I will admit that women would probably appreciate this blog a lot more than men, but I think there is something for everyone so feel free to check it out without thinking I sent you somewhere weird.
With that said, I had my very first "man, I wish Mindy wrote a review about this" moment.  I was doing my favourite Sunday morning activity... a little virtu-window shopping, and I ran into a bunch of totally unbelievable bracelets from this crazy lady who runs a website called So-Charmed.

Naturally, the last one is probably the only one I would actually buy, if I had the coin she is asking for these gems (which I don't, I just got my hair cut OK, I'm far from indulging myself in fabulous bracelets!).  I am tempted though, since the more I looked through them and read their little stories, the more I kinda wanted one.  She naturally does custom bracelets and I couldn't help but wonder what I'd like mine to look like.  I think it was the pink enamel chain and pixy dust in the "momentarily, she was transformed" bracelet that got me.  It reminded me of something I had as a kid, and of course in her other custom pieces she basically challenges you to try and imagine the best little memories you have to put on the thing that would just make you happy looking at it.  

So I came up with that pink chain and then the crazy lady got to me!  Yes, suddenly, I knew that if it existed my bracelet should have a tiny replica of a glossy candy music flute.  Specifically in peach/orange.  Does anyone else remember those???  You have to.  It should also have something watermelon on it to remind me of this 80s lip balm I had called Kissing Koolers.  It was all watermelon marble and AWESOME.  

Sweet Jesus, I found it!  
Someone from Jamaica, NY is selling 20 of them on eBay.  
Goddamn you, international shipping!!

Anyhow, now all I can think about is what other stuff I would put on my magic bracelet!  And also, what would other people put on theirs??  What would I buy for friends?  Great.  Sigh, So-Charmed, you are absolutely NUTS and stupid expensive ....but I kinda dig that about you.


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