Friday, February 29

Leap Day is the best day!

I figured I would post the search of the week on this glorious 29th day of February! Let's see.. it's snowing like crazy outside, as of this morning I realize I probably have pneumonia and I got shafted on a payment because someone else is sick. It's ok though because tomorrow I get to have a root canal at 9am. What a glorious day! Haha.

I cannot tell you how much last night truly sucked. I thought I had a chest cold for the past 2 days until I fell asleep at 9pm and had massive chills and sweats all night. Chills are my most hated of all the sicks (Don't worry, puking, you will always be my number 1!) I remember one time I had the worst chills in the universe, I woke up thinking "should I die shivering in bed or die on my way to getting a sweater?" It's as if the cold was literally in my skin and I had no chance of ever getting warm again, however I decrepitly crawled around my room to find some sweaters and socks and extra pants. Anyway that's how last night was, so that memory was awesome. I don't recommend it, that's for sure.

Our search of the week is: asian girl hacked from photobucket flickr post

I don't know what this is about but that's terrible. I attempted to find a back-story here and all I came across was this chick who broke up with her boyfriend via facebook status, bragged about it on Digg, then got hacked into for basically being a stone cold bitch .. yanno. Interesting yes but she isn't asian so I don't care!

Really though, what a bitch.


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