Saturday, February 2

Search of the Week

Now, there was a particularly priceless search earlier this week that seemed like poetry BUT I had forgotten to save it.  Our rules are exactly like Miss America, if the winner can't fulfill their obligations as Search of the Week then the first runner up takes their place.  Therefore the winner is: babytalk august 2006.

Apparently in 2006 there was a lot of babytalk, particularly in august.  I had no idea!  Isn't it good to be informed?  Babytalk is back on the rise, my friends, look out for it in 2008!

In other news I finally went and got my hair cut last night.  It looks great, and trust me, I know a bad haircut when I see it and this is the opposite of that.  I am pretty happy since it's been a long time and I needed one, but as usual, I never go.  Like the dentist, which I also went to the night before (and I am feeling much better about that now as well).  What a satisfying feeling to actually start doing things for yourself lol.  I think I will stick to getting my hair cut at this new place since it was basically down my street AND full service..... she even put my coat on for me!  How much do you tip someone after that??  Just a question.  I'm from Hamilton, after all, I don't know these things.

I took a crappy pic for my step-mom who, after reading my facebook status about my sexy new hair, she wanted to see it!  It is much sexier in person with all the wind blowing in it and everything ;) of course.

While I had the camera out, Sean and I decided to have some fun.  This is our role reversal pic.  AKA Sean's interpretation of me, and mine of HIM.  Hahaha.

It's our new favourite.

We're all off snowboarding again this morning.  Wish me luck!  No seriously, go ahead and say good luck out loud please, I am probably falling on my ass this very moment.  Thank you :)


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