Saturday, February 9

Search of the Week

This week's winner: the lovely person who google'd is Ray Romano cheap?

What an excellent question, I am sure you were disappointed to end up here.  I can only assume, based on absolutely no information about him, that he really is as cheap as they come and tips people with actual moron tips like "here's a tip for you, I'm 50 and I wear a digital watch, how much money do you really think I have????" or "Yeah thanks for bringing me luke-warm coffee and no sweetener, that was pretty difficult!  your tip is me not killing you right now" -- FYI you should know I get all my stereotypes about life from Charles Dickens' 1893 novel A Christmas Carol.  

First and second runners up: get more aids ; asian wife: searched for SIX different times!  

Funny since I thought even a little aids was more than enough aids.  I guess some people would like to know where they can get more.  Good luck to them, I say!  Get as much aids as you can carry home with you.  Asian wives, too.  The more the better!

I've been horribly sick the past week so that sucks.  The cold, ya that sucks too.  The new movie complex right by my house is awesome though.. we finally went last night.  Let's just say you know you are living in the future when your local movie theater has a VIP section, a bar lounge, and a bowling alley.


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