Saturday, February 16

Search of the Week

Warning! This week's winner is highly disturbing: 
flickr woman fu@*&$*ing dogs????

Wtf-o-rama.  Honestly these searches are beginning to creep me out.. which they always end up doing whenever I pay attention to them.  I literally don't know how anyone would end up at my site from some of this stuff.  Aside from this week's "as good as it gets reaction" search of course.  I can see how that one would but let me quickly field that query .. the reaction was pretty good!  So I think you are safe to rent that 1997 release.  I know the blockbuster fees are killing you, but sometimes you can just take a CHANCE.  Back to what I was saying though, one search this week I don't even want to repeat!..  let alone crown the winner, lest that person make their way back here.  It has something to do with little cartoon boys and a word that rhymes with tape.  Someone should start marketing "blog sanitizer" because I would totally buy some right now.

I think the word I am looking for is ANYWAYS uhh, oh right, I'm really loving movie soundtracks these days!  I felt I needed to emphasize that.  Juno and Into the Wild make me really happy .  Clearly I am going to have to start listening to music again.  For real because I kind of stopped doing that for a long while.

One of the blogs I read regularly Violent Acres is having a Birthday Charity Contest this month.   I thought that was a great idea!  Sure I was disappointed people voted for the prize to be a photo of the controversial author, V, but if it's going to charity then I suppose whatever! For the record though, who the flickr picks seeing a picture of an anonymous blogger rather than $500 real dollars???  A world-class idiot, that's who.  I can't think of any picture that is worth that much money to me.  I suppose it just proves how useless people are when they are curious about something.  That leads me to my real topic.  I took the charity thing seriously since that’s what it’s all about and did some research at  Apparently quite a few popular charities have founders, presidents, director or CEO.. whatever they want to call themselves.. who actually get compensated! I find this disheartening.  Sure, there are program costs and administrative.. but an actual salary?  An expense account?

I was about to nominate the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinsons Research when I saw that the CEO made $340,534 and the actual charity grossed $8 grand for the year. Pretty expensive for all that “awareness” they provide. Even still I still think it’s a good cause so I nominated that for consideration, and also the Hole in the Wall Gang Summer Camp which helps children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

So if you feel like being part of the contest, or just feeling mighty nice, I urge anyone to get involved!


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