Saturday, February 23

Search of the Week

This week's winner is: 
All in capitals, just like that.  I suppose it was an emergency search, so let me direct that person to the nearest Claire's store asap.  I'm willing to help though so I can offer you my BeDazzler that is currently under my stairs.  My imagination has convinced me there is a Lord of the Rings sized spider in there who makes ticking sounds, and I already braved it once to get xmas decorations. You can have the 'Dazzler for free if you're willing to go in there and get it.  IT'S AN EMERGENCY AFTER ALL.

So you'd think since I have given up TV for good that there are no shows I keep up with.  You would be wrong though, I do, though I torrent only 4 shows.  Lost, Celebrity Apprentice, House and (when it comes back) Journeyman.  For anyone who watches any of those, good for you, and also HOLY SHIT Lost is the shit this year, am I right?  Now, I don't see any of these shows until the day after they air, so, I have no way of spoiling anything for you.  That said, does anyone want to speculate with me who the 5th and 6th person is in this ominous Oceanic Six?

Here's what I have so far in my reasoning:  
  1. We already know Sayid, Kate, Jack and Hurley got off the island.
  2.  The 5th and 6th can only be people from the manifest, so Juliet wouldn't count even if she did get off, neither would Desmond or of course any of those boat people.
  3.  Kate has Aaron (wtf???) sooo it's safe to say Claire does not leave the island because she would never give Aaron to anyone otherwise.  I don't see any likely outcome other than she probably dies, which is another reason why Kate is passing this baby off as her own.  
  4. Sayid, who is apparently working with Ben in the future, may or may not have been included in The Six because: no one has recognized him yet, and he was working undercover.  Also he was on the disappearing helicopter, if it ever makes it to the boat I don't know, but obviously the island has some sort of time travel/suspension ability (just a theory) so it is very possible might have not been counted in the rescue at all.  
  5. John would never leave the island.
  6. The Korean couple would be 5th and 6th.  If my theory about Sayid is true, then one more person might be included, if not then either both Jin and Sun got off, or just one, unlikely that neither got off.
  7. Sawyer may also be a member of The Six.  He could have left with Kate, or stayed with John.  Both and equal chance I'd say.  He wasn't at Kate's trial though, but that could be because of his past.  Who friggin knows.  Though I thought Jack alluded to Kate marrying Sawyer in the super-future (of the season 2 finale).  I could be wrong about that.
  8. Can't forget about Michael, though he may have died, especially if Walt was seen on the island (again, and I don't know what the hell is up with that).  Though if Michael was part of The Six then people would have already known there were survivors a lot earlier, but they didn't.  Unlikely but still counted. 
  9. Unlikely but one or two of the unknown extra survivors could be on the list, just to SCREW us all.. that's what Lost likes to do! 
  10. It might be Aaron, he wasn't on the manifest, but he's still a survivor OF someone who was.

Can I just say I hate this show sometimes and its perpetual mystery box questions! If anyone else saw J.J. Abrams talk at TED, you'll know what I mean... if you didn't then you should click the link.

Alright so if you watch the show and think I am missing something feel free to comment.  If you don't watch the show this whole thing probably pissed you off and you're not even reading this.  Conclusion.. the candidates are: Jin, Sun, Aaron, Sawyer, a random person nobody cares about or Michael.  This is more important than Barack/Clinton, ok.  For the love of god I need to know who else gets off the island, HOW and why.

While we're at it.... so in the beginning the fortune teller told Claire only she can raise Aaron, then sent them on a doomed flight.   Now we know Claire isn't! ugly Chanel-purse-carrying Kate in the future is.  That leads me to believe Aaron will do something especially terrible if a psychic tried to kill them.  Not Global Warming terrible, but Hitler terrible.  So what do you think is going to happen now? Why would Claire give him to Kate if she knew only she is supposed to raise him?  Do you think Kate did something to Claire?  Unlikely, unless Ben revealed something, but if so why isn't anyone else doing anything about it?  Why did Kate tell Jack he has to see Aaron, what the hell happened there that would make it important for anyone to see Aaron?  Do you think Claire gave him up willingly because Aaron was born on the island and would be hunted down for tests if they found out?  Or do you think this is why a boozed up super-future Jack begged Kate to go back to the island, and said it was a mistake to leave?  I consider this problem to be on par with who the hell is Ben?!!!  Ideas welcome, yanno, if anyone actually feels like having a discussion instead of just inter-stalking me ;)


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