Thursday, February 14

V-day? but vagina day isn't for another 6 weeks!

My title is courtesy of Andrea's amazing facebook wall comments.  Today was somehow an insanely productive day.  I feel good about that.  I see my little business moving up and up.  It's fulfilling to offer something that makes a real difference in people's lives, as opposed to, I dunno, selling Hot Dogs.

That said I had a really hilarious moment on Tuesday where a 4.5 year old called me Mommy by accident.  She realized what she said and started laughing, and so did I, since all I could think of is that episode of the Simpsons where Ralph calls Miss Hoover Mommy and then eats a worm.  I'd have referenced it for her if she'd know what the hell I was talking about.  So we literally both laughed about that for a good 10 mins.  It would have been just 5 mins but halfway she reminded me "it's funny because I called you Mommy, and you're Miss Ann".  Haha, ah yes, that's why!  

Really, I try not to laugh at the children, I hear it's not good for them blah blah.  But I have been holding on to this one for a while, since a few weeks after a 3.5 year old told me she was "high".. consider it a valentines present to you.

Ann - hey nice jumping, are you guys supposed to be frogs?
3.5 yr old - yep, ribbit ribbit, I'm high!
Ann - ...yes.  well keep it up then.
3.5 yr old - ribbit! look I'm so high
Ann - uh huh you're very good at that.
3.5 yr old - I'm the highest girl in the world!
Ann - ..... looks like it

I had to leave after that.

As for tonight I hope everyone has a great time, though for the record I think Valentines Day is really silly.  If you're a nice girl you will give a guy a break trying to basically say I care about you and just be happy he's nice to you everyday, like me :)  Unless he's an asshole everyday, in which case Valentines would be a great opportunity for you lol.  Anyways, I'm most likely going to be enjoying some take out or pizza with my skittles and my guy, which would be great.... though I may stop by starbucks to pick up a little Valentines thermos for Sean since he needed one anyway.  Hey maybe he'll get me one too, or an espresso brownie ;)  I've had a great day, after all.


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