Thursday, March 13


Over the snowstorm break I had little to do so eventually I picked up and read a book I'd been given to read from my Dad quite a while ago. Dad: yes I just got to it now! For everyone who has already read The Alchemist, you'll know it was an inauspicious choice since my 26th birthday is in 18 days. For the 8 people on earth who haven't read it: it's about the universe showing you opportunities everywhere you look and conspiring to help you realize your purpose in life, nomatter how old or young you are. That purpose can be anything, but it is yours alone to realize and have the courage and faith to stay the course rather than expect rewards. The message: you are special and the greatest tragedy of life being that you ignore your dreams, and wants, and convince yourself you would never accomplish them. As silly as it is, thinking about that honestly helped shift my focus off the impending doom of no longer being 25.

Yes, Doom! Worse than last year?!! Frankly that would be dangerous, since I got so blind drunk I ended up doing the Batusi.

And then answered the question "how do you like being 25 so far?" by doing my best impersonation of Molly Shannon's somewhat slurry character Ann Miller in "Leg Up" saying I love it! I love it a lot!

Oddly enough in that clip they were also doing the Batusi. See there are no coincidences in life... the universe is conspiring to help me easily explain how dreading your own birthday is STUPID! Haha. Anyways, as you can see I can't afford doom again, and it so happens that as far as my calculations go I don't see anything terrible about it! let's review.

Me = Awesome
Days I was Born on = Awesome
Days I wasn't born on = Not as great
Partying with my friends = Awesome
Cake and champagne = Can't get better
Special treatment via presents = Pretty sweet!

What is there to be so unenthusiastic about.. uh I'd say nothing. If you're anything like me, as immature as we know we always will be, there is a habit (maybe I have a habit?) to take adulthood a little too seriously. You know, like picking out the right school or your first important interview. Just as stepping on a scale everyday does nothing for your 'new diet'.. we keep checking by 25 are we doing ok? By 26 are we doing about a years worth better? etc. ad nauseum. Until I just don't enjoy my own birthday anymore! I was reminded of a quote from another book... because nobody hates people who quote The Alchemist as much as me, I might as well quote another book.

"The pains of age remind us of the wisdom we have won through our trials."
Kate Elliott, King's Dragon

I have had a great year and even so, birthdays are not a final exam of life just as New Years is not a fresh start. There, pressure averted, time to have fun! This year: VIP Silvercity Movie (has a bar and bowling alley) then Cake and Champagne at my house later.. maybe some Totally 80s! If I somehow forgot to invite you on facebook just email me.

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Henry said...

Yay!!! You finally read again from an analog source and it was not a baby book! Are you okay? Any paper cuts or anything?

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