Saturday, March 15

Damn, girl.

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difference between an icepresso and a chillatte

See, it is not just me who wants to know! If I remember correctly it's either the amount of ice chunks or the level of milk. Or the answer is NONE, NO DIFFERENCE WHATSOEVER!

So recently we've decided to stop using Starbucks as much in the interest of saving some money. Yep, screw you delicious $5 coffee! Turns out you and your double chocolate cookies there make me feel nice but you actually are overpriced! I make perfectly good coffee at home so I came to the conclusion I should just make them more fancy. I'm going to buy some flavour shots and get Andrea over here to help me since she used to work at Starbucks. Hell, my neighbour works at the Starbucks on my corner, I can have two professionals here in no time to fancy my stuff up. See.. it will all be OK. I cannot afford to be a regular at Starbucks and Pizza Depot... just one evil addiction at a time!

Unlike many people who didn't know it at the time, I was totally aware that life was damn easy back when my High School cafeteria had 25 cent cookies and $1.75 grilled cheese. I'd grab two fresh from the oven double chocolate cookies, a milk and a grilled cheese and still have change left from my $5. Is it any wonder I bought the same thing every day? What else could you possibly want!? Now (both Sean and I) have an $11 a day* coffee and cookie habit, and $15 pizza (plus tip) habit at least once a week. That's almost $400!!! Damn, girl.

* Ok it's not really everyday but it would be if it were up to me.

Anyhow, off the topic of coffee. 16 days until my birthday :) Last night I dreamt of my friend Rosie who has her birthday a day before mine (March 30th) and we chatted about that, I think we both got married but she was before me so I went to get some food with another friend at this restaurant called Billionaire, and there was a Tiger sitting at the elevator. You know, all regular stuff. I liked the restaurant in my dream though.. you could buy stuff from it that you saw around the place. Kinda like the crystal store in The Alchemist that served tea, or in real life, an actual restaurant we went to in Italy that sold jugs. My grandma has one in her kitchen now. For fun I googled to see if there was a real restaurant like that and there was! The Billionaire Restaurant and Club in Sardinia, Italy. I'm going to have to cut out Starbucks for a long time to afford to go there! Damn though if it doesn't look like the most awesome restaurant I have never been to.

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Brooke said...

1. "Your birthday is in 16 days! YA YA YAYAYA!!!"

2. Don't forget the $1 order of fries and the $2 chicken burger!!! SOOO GOOD! Ha ha! Oh the good ole days.

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