Saturday, March 1

Not jelly

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Yeah so I went to the Dr. and I actually do have pneumonia. Like you, I thought I was just exaggerating too! But nope. So I'm on some anti-biotics and not really resting as much as I should so that can be Sunday's task.

The only other time I had pneumonia was when I worked at a doctors office. One of the nurses, when she wasn't engaged in gossip with the other nurses as I find out is the only thing nurses do, got concerned about my cough and asked the doctor to insist at looking at me. Since he was my boss I felt pretty weird about going along with that but turns out it was a good idea. Honestly I thought pneumonia wasn't real, first thing I thought to myself.. no shit eh? my grandma was always warning me about that! He was a super nice guy and went and got anti-biotics from his own house so I wouldn't have to buy any since I had no insurance. Anyway, sometimes I like to remember stuff like that, like from my last post.. just keeping it consistent. I could do it all day, so let's not get carried all away.

Thinking about writing this entry I've decided it's incredibly silly to try and explain being sick via text. To you I am just as charming as ever, but believe me I am miserable and messy. Of course right away I put my brain to the task of fixing this with some really descriptive situation you could imagine. This is what I came up with; bare with me.

As soon as you finish reading this you go to type a really important e-mail and all of a sudden strawberry jam stars oozing out of your keyboard. Omg it's all over your hands! No.. your keyboard will never be the same, always sticking the B or S. Who would do this?! Someone walks in the room, perhaps with a handlebar mustache and hypnotizing swirls for eyes, with a fist full of strawberry jam! Oh no what's he going to do with that? Touch your tv? Your curtains? No.. no he pets your cat who gets mad and shits on the floor then tries to "bury it" by tearing up your carpet. It smells terrible in here, and you don't know what to clean first. Then the guy walks over to you and strawberry jams your eyebrow hair straight up, puts glasses on you and leaves them completely askew and punches you in the chest. Before he leaves he tells you that wasn't jam.

Ok so that's how I feel. Enjoy your disease free day!


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