Tuesday, March 4

Send your tear soaked letters to Santa next time

I read this the other day. All I have to say is that I had no idea the producers from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition also worked at the post office. I had to stop reading this 3 times. People should be violently tazed for trying to make other people cry this badly. This is a crime and you all damn well know it!

I don't know what people call "random acts of kindness" these days but if someone did this shit to me I would not be pleased. An entire night of bawling my eyes out in front of my kid because we got a letter from God isn't my idea of kindness! What the hell statement is "I picked your mommy just for you"?? Great, directly aim your tear causing to the one person who can read! and then traumatize the poor child when she tries to read this letter back to her kid. Why oh why is mommy so sad, why would God write such a sad letter? Is she in pain? Does that mean mommy is going to die next, just like my dog? You sick bastards, you're lucky it's dangerous to taze people whilst crying ... uh, isn't it? I can only assume it is. The day after I get my tear ducts removed I am coming for you!


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