Thursday, March 6

Tequila prom date 2008

The weirdest thing you can possibly do when you have pneumonia is try on your prom dress!

Since I've had so much time off I've decided to go through my closet and get rid of anything that doesn't fit or is older than Jesus Christ. I don't have any prom pictures on my computer so I had to put it on.  How hilariously weird! Maybe I should keep it on until Sean comes home and have him think I've run a dangerous fever.  I could pour tea in two cups and refer to an empty chair as Mrs. Nesbitt.  Haha.

The back story about the dress is even funnier though.  Ok so I wore this dress like a pro for about 10 minutes before prom; I was looking pretty princessish and having fun.  Then, because we are from Hamilton, me Brooke and Sharmy decided to do a couple shots of tequila out of the trunk of someone's car before we went in for the dinner.  IIIIIIII hate tequila so I wasn't rushing it and suddenly some security was coming so I downed it and half went down... my dress.  I spent the whole prom being a pretty pretty princess with tequila on her and a little sweater.  Haha.  Oh memories.

Anyway, thankfully I won't have to put anything else on I think.  Looking forward to the closet and floor space since right now it's just my fabulous mattress.  The bedroom set is finally getting here the end of March, though!  That's exciting and I'll take pictures when it's all set up :)  It will be the 5th room in the house done (since we've also painted the downstairs bathroom and basement).   Oh right and I guess that means it's my birthday soon...  what to do?

As far as how I feel, I am just taking my medicine and drinking lots of green tea and Starbucks honey latte's.  They are so good if you haven't tried them you should.  I'm hoping to be back to "normal" soon...

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Sharmy said...

haha, i so remember that night!!!!! except reading the word tequila gave me the goosebumps....i bought a two-six for my bday this weekend and lets just say no one else would drink it with me.........and i got the shakes. lmao.

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