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Interesting.. this does sound like a situation which calls for all CAPS, I might add. So basically everyone knows alcohol poisons you but as drunk as I've ever seen/gotten I can say I have never had shivers. Maybe it's because tequila is the worst thing ever (see last entry), maybe you do not have enough blood in your body to combat the tequila ratio and in turn can't keep yourself warm anymore (if that's the case, way to go!) or maybe you are an alcoholic now.. in which case if you want the shivering to stop you need to drink more tequila next time. Any or all of these cases being true, one thing remains, this person is totally screwed since they ended up here. Search of the Week is otherwise known as 'tributes to how people got screwed by finding my site.'

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While we're on the subject, I have recently decided to make my own homemade Lemoncello. While some people make jam, I think Lemoncello is the way to go, and to the people who will be given some as gifts: I know you don't like jam. Lemoncello on the other hand is supposed to be fantastic when it's homemade and sucks when bought commercially, it can be put in lots of things I like (lemonade, champagne, martini glasses, over ice cream) that are great chilled summer drinks; best of all it requires lots of patience and frankly I'm up for the challenge of putting alcohol and patience together! Stay tuned for Lemoncello Making Day, and we'll see how I do.

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Benjamin said...

Limoncello is nice as an aperatif... I tried it a couple years ago for the first time at a dinner party in Brussels, and while we were all higher than 3 year olds playing frog, it was very refreshing.

This just in: Jalapeno cheddar dipping sauce tastes like Kraft Dinner!


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