Tuesday, April 1

As good as 26 gets

I have to say, technically, I have probably never had a better birthday than 26. It included so many of my favourite things. Early on I dubbed it the birthday of no surprises, since I ordered my own cake, and wasn't just told what I was getting but I actually bought one of my presents since the store was closer to me. lol. But then why do I need to be surprised anyway, it's all the same at the end of the day!

An entire 3 days of birthday celebrating this year equalled out to:

Saturday bedroom. Saturday movie. Saturday PARTY.
- Bedroom is awesome, I am so happy with it. Sean and Rob worked so hard and I was just so excited to get to sleep in it that night. Even more excited than seeing a license plate that said "DZ Nuts"
- Movie was great, only I didn't think that by choosing to see Stop-Loss I would be such a Debbie Downer right before the party. Like wow, 2 hours of screaming, let's go drink! Right before I get married I should just make all my guests watch Shindlers List with 3D glasses and make sure everyone "keeps their eye on the girl in the red jacket.. you'll see her later!"
- Party was awesome.. I have so much alcohol in my fridge I'm not sure how I am going to get actual food in it for a while. That makes my party at least month-long.. so if some of my April posts don't make sense you'll know why ahead of time. We played totally 80s, Wes won somehow... damn sports questions! and I wandered around giving tours of my house with the Birthday Pimp Chalice. Great tradition, you can fit 2 cups of anything in there.
- Had a Boston Cream cake and Pizza Depot with my champagne. There is nothing wrong with any part of that sentence.

Sunday dinner.
- My grandma made all my favourite stuff. Lasagna homemade that I actually liked, Bacon wrapped quails, Roasted Thyme potatoes, broccoli and cheese, some crazy asparagus salad and yum cherry tomatoes. Plain cheesecake with strawberries birthday cake and home made venetian cannoli's. I ate it all, for once. So good.

Monday Rainy Birthday.
- Relaxed, drank wine and watched a movie at home while eating the rest of my cannoli's. Sean made dinner and did all the clean up around the house so that was really sweet. One of the mom's at work gave me a Starbucks gift card too, which was a really nice surprise, along with Rob's giant $50 card he gave me.. I have enough to keep me caffeinated with style for months! Hell I can even afford their coffee maker!
- Had a great conversation with one of the kids:
"My brain really wants me to say a bad word right now. Ha ha."
"Oh no, why would your brain do that?"
"I don't know!"
"I guess your brain wants to get you in trouble!"
*Looks up* "No brain, no! I don't want to get in trouble for saying a bad word!"

The rest of my gifts were just great, Sean and my Dad went in on a break-proof camera for me from Olympus. It actually tells you in the manual that the only way you can break it is if some dirt or sand gets in the lens and to fix it you must immerse it in water and turn the power on and off repeatedly. I cannot tell you how crazy this thing is but that's exactly the camera I need.. one where the commercial has a guy dropping it from the eiffel tower or something. Brooke got me a bouquet of strawberries and bananas in chocolate from Edible Arrangements. Man that was so good, the strawberries were the size of my fist! Andrea got me an awesome frame, lingerie gift card and Advil (which I totally used), baseball tickets from Wes, my favourite chocolates and lots of alcohol (mmm mojitos) from my cousins and some money from my grandparents to help ease the pain of being old I guess, and paying for things lol.

I did end up being surprised though in the long run with so many favourite things, birthday wishes and cards from all the most important people taking some time out for me. That was awesome so thanks everybody :) I cannot see how I would have had a better weekend.


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