Saturday, April 26

Appropriately ridiculous

Search Winner: Google: does anyone can tell me why my head gets too hot sometimes

Judging from the wording of that question, I'm diagnosing you with a massive brain tumor. Not the kind that kills you though, it just makes you really stupid by overheating your brain when you try to think really hard. For example, don't try to figure out how much to tip your waitress on your own. I believe the technical medical term I just invented for it is a "stupa-tumor" and it can be treated by wearing ice-hats (not the be confused with ice-holes; a word my grandma invented via her Italian accent to insult me).

Andrea and I went out to get some dessert last night and I ended up telling her all about the events as of Tuesday. It took about an hour and was almost a relief to get to laugh about it with someone. She interrupted me about 10 times to declare "You know I can't even believe you seem completely fine right now!" and I replied very honestly "I'm telling you this story while drinking a fishbowl full of alcohol and eating hot brownies with ice cream... right now I'm FINE!" I also decided via fishbowl is the only way to properly drink alcohol from now on. So appropriate in it's ridiculousness... I'm telling you, I only had two, and that was quite enough.

Today I got some pills for my back until my next appointment so although I don't know how bad my injuries are, that is still awesome news as far as I'm concerned.


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