Sunday, April 20

How was your weekend, baby?

Search Winner: Google: why do men use the phrase baby when they talk to a women?

My Answer: Because if you respond to it once, they never have to learn your real name. Smart idea if you ask me!

It's been a terrific weekend, we had great weather so I got some sunburn practice. Spent a day at the farm, ate crazy-delicious buttermilk pancakes, got into some Rockband and beers.. even did a little kiddo shopping (my favourite).

Had some before weekend fun too when Brooke came over, bearing gifts and a bartender hat, and invented a new martini! I can't tell you the secret recipe but it was so damn good it needed to have the name "the EASYtini" .. too easy to drink, and we did.

I had a new revelation by the way, which is if I keep being Pizza Depot's #1 fan I'm not only going to keep this new 5lbs, but I'm single handedly helping the owner remodel his house. He just got these fancy-ass new doors on his half a million dollar digs and here I am promoting the hell out of it for nothing, not even a free pizza a month! How do I know this? Because he's my neighbor and as per my pictorial Flickr evidence, when you drive a car with a giant pizza on it everyone knows where you are at all times. He also just bought one of those KFC-style fans whose only job is just to blow food smells all over the neighborhood. I swear to god it wasn't there before. What's worse is they just started making these new deep-fried brownies too and it's taking all my willpower not to hire a sky writer to let everyone know about it!


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