Saturday, April 5

I Bloody Heart Dexter

My dad told me to start watching the show, and upon finishing season 1 tonight I have to admit yeah I like Dexter. At first it was pretty weird and not at all an analogy to the Lost freak-out of 06' but one of those build-a-bear grow to love it shows or whatever. Is he creepy, is he cute? yes! And as many female and male stereotypy's there are dancing around in the show.. Dexter is who you're watching it for. He really doesn't disappoint you.

It's the one likeable character in literature (television-ature) that if I find myself relating too much to, I'd have to put some sort of therapist on my speed-dial. Great show, guys, start watching!

And while I'm on the whole subject of kinda strange... my dear friend Andrea, on a crazy trip to Calgary, had called me and discovered this morning a guy who owns a t-shirt that says "Fake titties taste weird" ... without saying too much about the details here I'd like to pose the question: when is it OK to stop owning shirts like that? I'd honestly LOVE to know.

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Robert said...

It's never ok to own a shirt like that, because it is a lie.

If it said "fake titties FEEL weird" I'd be ok with it, but that's just stating the obvious.

All the same, I pretty much stopped wearing shirts that said something around age 13. Now I go for the dress shirt with several top buttons undone, as a worldless way of getting across "I'm easy"

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