Saturday, April 12

Yep, It Be Broken

Search of the Week Winner: Google: tiny zoolander phone

Since typing that original post about Sean buying me my own zoolander phone, I have been waiting to use that picture and now the day is finally upon us. I am so happy right now.

The only thing currently bothering me is after trying to win a game of kick-me-harder with a stair, aka one kick, I am still dealing with that loss. And no, the stair does not care how awesome I am. I checked. So I did that Thursday and now I remember why I do not kick things; I'm rotten at it! My toe is sprained, I can't walk properly, and after three days it looks like this. Great opportunity to test out the macro setting on my camera though... sorry about the ugliness!

While we're talking about my toe, I'd like to throw a nonsensical argument out there. It's a running joke in this house that Super Under-Reaction Sean (aka Dr. Google) is world famous for initially looking at every injury/physical emergency situation as though you might as well have spilled milk on yourself. If he doesn't see a bunch of blood spurting out of you, or a car on top of you, you be FINE! Haha. Of course, everyone has their own way to go about things, but I just find that amusing. Naturally when I hurt myself all I had to say was how my toe is broken and he of course jumped at correcting me that my toe is merely "sprained"... I should walk it off. It IS sprained, not broken, no but that made me think of the context of injuring yourself. So here's the debate as I see it, based on my logic (and amicable disagreements) I say any injury you have that limits your function of the affected area can be declared BROKEN. As in the context of, it ain't workin' no more Doc.

Example: I smash a light-bulb, it's broken. The light-bulb burns out, it's still broken. Therefore I don't need to shatter my bones for me to have broken my toe, it still doesn't work correctly. Did I convince someone? Boy I hope so.

It's alright because sometimes the world always gives you something nice to balance that stuff out... namely, STARBUCKS IS NOW MAKING DONUTS?????!!!!! What the freak? A pic of that is also on my Flickr. I literally walked in there right after I murdered my toe to get some Vanilla Scones and saw them and, like some jealous lover, demanded to know "When did you get THESE?? Oh, since TUESDAY???? That's real nice and WHERE WAS I? Were you just never going to tell me about it?" but of course I was too happy to scold anyone for not calling me personally when they arrived. I just bought two and hobbled away in delight. Boy am I extra glad about my Starbucks birthday gift cards!

Unrelated totally... for anyone using mac (and reading my site, right) you will appreciate knowing about a program called Acquisition 2. It's really geared towards users making a small payment to use Pro but I cannot see how any sane person would complain about that.


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