Thursday, April 3

Make your own popcorn

I watched "p.s. I Love You" last night and you know, it was pretty good. At least 60 times better than I thought, and, if you ignore Hilary Swank's horse teeth it's really such an enjoyable story. I found myself near tears (but I managed to save them, for once!) and grinning like a jackass at all the right parts.

What's with Irish men that make us women go absolutely crazy?

Hey, I'm just saying!

Oh and does anyone else wonder where this week went, or is it just me? I planned on changing my goldfish's water and suddenly it's Thursday and Oscar is probably sucking his own fish crap because of me.

1 Comment:

Amber said...

way to forget the water dude, it's official, you suck at life.

you can cry now.

:P love you, and happy late birthday.

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