Monday, April 7

Room for food

It's official! I have victoriously drank my way to ONE bottle of wine left (and maybe a 10th of raspberry Stoli) in my fridge. The pressure is off, I can finally fit food in there again. Thank goodness, too, my skin is green and I've lost 80% mobility.

Not really.. gosh.

So I'm really writing to mention this huge freak of nature that's just occured.. and I feel like I need to warn someone. I have never in all my 26 years and 7 days, witnessed a phenomenon quite like 2 consecutive and randomly picked movie choices that have sucked so much I will call them serious contenders for the #1 and #2 spots for worst movies of all time.

Years ago me and a friend had watched what we both thought was the worst movie ever. I issued a challenge that we cannot argue ours was worse until we both watch the other's BAD MOVIE choice to really pick a winner. The result was, as you can guess, nobody won.. they were equally as bad and we voluntarily sat through it like idiots. I mean, I've seen my share of terrible movies ok, mostly they're so hilariously BAD I don't really mind! In fact, if I had a piece of coal in my hand throughout the many hours of watching absolute garbage.. that's right.. I'd have a 120 carat diamond. It's almost a certainty that if you end up watching a movie you would consider one of the WORST movies of ALL TIME... lightening would not strike you again the next day! Until Flogging Margaret and ..omg.. I've blocked it out.. what is it called? The Tripper.

Please, please, please do not rent these, view them for free.. or even pay attention for a few mins while waiting in line at Blockbuster. I know people exaggerate all the time but when I am literally on my death bed and people say (hopefully)

"Wow Ann-Marie you've had such a full life, you must have nothing at all you regret doing.. even for say, an hour and 10-20 mins."
I will say "Flogging... Margaret!" and then instantly die.

For dramatic purposes let's just assume I can will myself to do that. Let's also go ahead and say the person who is so upbeat whilst I'm in my deathbed is probably the sort of person that would relish any chance they can get to use the phrase "When we ASSUME, it makes an ASS out of U and ME"
Oh and the first two movies mentioned that you should never watch: Welcome to Doll House & The Mosquito <-- also voted most hilarious movie of all time, unintentionally of course.


Ben said...

I liked Welcome to the Dollhouse!

ann.marie said...

Yeah that was Andrea's pick. All I remember at the moment was the girl asking if that little boy was going to rape her after school.

I hope I remembered the title of the movie correctly...

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