Thursday, April 10

Summing things up is what I do best

Perhaps you are wondering why there are no pictures in yet of my 26th birthday, and it is because my insane new indestructible camera has far too many options on it + I clearly was drinking so that = pretty shitty pics! I have to fix most of the low light ones or else you can barely see anything. However, if you're interested, I'll give you a glimpse into exactly what it's like to be me with the use of only two photos taken on that weekend.

The sum of my entire life up to this point: Those who spell my name right, and those who spell it wrong on a delicious cheesecake.

Oh and venetian cannoli, just because! My life is also crush orange soda in a wine glass at my grandma's house. Yep.. all pieces of the puzzle, my friends.

I'd really love to speak to any jerk who spells Ann with an e, because somehow that is now the default way to spell it?! Whoever you are, thanks for making me someone who HATES repeating myself! No e! No e! Nooooo e! If you think Ann with an e makes perfect sense, here's a few words for you I just made up that make as much sense TO ME. Lambe. Sande. Flage. Strawbettry Jame.

I feel I should mention at this point, since it comes up, if you're someone who thinks this has been valuable info and I'd be really bothered if you spelled my name improperly on purpose; oh how hilarious it would be to really "get under my skin about it" .. well, you're out of luck. Look at those two pics again, think of how old I am, picture every occasion you have to give someone your name, times that by two since I need to repeat myself (and explain what a hyphen is to some people) and then you can fully appreciate that by now I have separated the universe into two parts: those why spell it right, and those who have been hit by lightening. You can't be upset at anyone for that! I mean, they're barely human beings anymore.

Oh and before I forget, I almost want to start a new blog called "Overheard at the Park" just based on this from yesterday.

Group of five 8-10yr old boys, one starts explaining a game to the others.
"ok so you're going to be your own colony, and we're going to be another colony"
"we'll have to battle it out at this park for victory and survival!"
"ok so what's your colony going to be called? mine is colony Tenderness"

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Brooke said...

You see ANN! I have the opposite problem in which people find it perfectly okay to spell Brooke without the E! As if I'm really a stream and not a person! I feel your pain!

I know! Let's take all the E's people put on Ann and put them on Brook! Then we will have a perfect balance in the world!

PS I'm supa supa excited about making Lemoncello tomorrow! WOOT WOOT WOOT


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