Friday, April 4

Yeah that was my favourite part too

Whatever you do, don't let anyone tell you that working with kids isn't a lot of fun. Sure it might be one long patience test (even when you pass, it still counts as a fail) but then they do stuff like this... and suddenly life is spectacular again.

I let one of the girls go on my computer yesterday to play games on the TvoKids website. Great website by the way. She had me type in book and author for her, and insisted that was who wrote it. The last bit well, I told her to try and spell it herself just like it sounded. Yeah um I had to take a screen cap:

I think the author section went red since I believe he's a level 90 on the child predator screening list. I hope no one shows up here asking me questions about it. And just an FYI I walked out of the room to go laugh, I'm not a monster.. she's only 4, that's not bad!

So I realize I didn't do a search of the week last Friday and this week is pretty dry. I only got one hit from the phrase Taiwan Wh*re. <-- I rather not up my chances at some more. Nice right? Just one, damn!! And this week I got a few boring ones for my entire web address in google? Therefore I have no choice but to name this week's winner a single great line from a song I like.

SOTW Winner: "You've been waiting to break since you woke up this morning"

And for your listening pleasure.

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Robert said...

It took me a while to figure out the coclit = chocolate

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