Saturday, April 5


Does anyone remember RobotMan?

Description: Plush Dolls based off the cartoon. Robot man was yellow and red, with a red propeller on his head and red sunglass things. Robot Girl was pink and white with pink sunglasses and a pink propeller. They both had a heart on their tummy that you could open up to see what was inside, and when you pressed it, it would play the robot man theme song from the cartoon.
Thank you,! I got some random thought in my head today about it and I just had to make sure I didn't imagine him. If it weren't for websites like that it would just be me googling "Love Bot" and "Robot with the Heart" "Plush 80s robot heart" ?? By the way Love Bot is real I found out and NOT to be played with by children!

Man, I really loved RobotMan and the robot girl too.. and again, just like Hot Potato, I was not allowed to play with it for more than 8 friggin seconds. Because of sharing, goddamn it. If I wasn't such a nice person I would have had so many Robot adventures! You know what life lesson I learned from sharing? It sucks. I don't recommend it. And you know, I had a LOT of toys being an only child so clearly we see where this is really coming from.. but anyway!

Ongoing List of Toys I Need to Buy
Not Let Anyone Else Play With)

- Hot Potato Musical Game
- RobotMan
- Caboodles
- Keypers (anyone remember those?)
maybe the swan one..

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Brooke said...

I looooved Keypers!!! I can actually hear the jingle in my head...creeepy! I think I still have a caboodle around here somewhere! LOL So much fun!!

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