Friday, May 23


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My neighbour asked me the other day if I knew of any nice double strollers; I didn't, but I told her she should really check out Criagslist. Then she asked me a reasonable question "isn't that weird, like, aren't there some real weirdos on there?" and I admitted ya, once I had some theater producer come to my house to buy my junk as "props" and then decided to tell me all about his play IN HIGH ENERGY. Apparently he thought I was an actor because my "eyes lit up" when he mentioned he was part of a production. I think lots of people mistake that expression for interest when any normal person would know it means: what the hell did you just say? is this how I'm going to die? If you remember my story about Mother F then I'll just mention I used that expression quite often! You could even describe that look at quiet frozen contemplation on where all the weapons in the house are located.

Anyways, after telling my neighbor this I rethought if getting any money from things I'd throw away is really worth talking to strangers more than I already do. That is until last weekend; I just bought something and basically didn't need it anymore so I was selling it for exactly what I bought it for. I got a great deal on it though so it's not like I was "JYSK Indian Mirroring" anyone. I got a few responses in like an hour and one lady was just unbelievable. She actually emailed me to let me know someone was looking for my item and willing to pay more than I listed it for, apologized?? and gave me all their info to get in touch with them. I obviously thought wow, that's a first, but told her really I am not looking to make money so whoever picks it up first is welcome to it the way I priced it. She not only jumped in her car and was here within 20 mins, but also intentionally gave me MORE money than I asked for. When I realized this I ran out of my house and asked if she needed change, and she said no "I'm happy with it, thank you!" and drove away.

Now THAT'S how you do it. I was in total shock! Compared to the usual, I'm happy to say I finally found an awesome unusual lady. Oh Barbara, will I ever see you again? lol.

Andrea's going away party is tomorrow night and sadly I am still happy and excited for her! Should be a great night, we're going to a really new fancy-pants bistro for dinner before all the liquored up fun. My mission will be to make sure the party is just enough fun that nobody cries, so if it starts getting too fun I will pay someone to throw up on something. You can't wait to hear how this turns out already, I bet.


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