Sunday, May 25

little or LOT

Google Search of the Week:
fun things to do with daddy that doesnt cost a LOT

I'm not sure how high maintenance your Dad is, but I assume this is for Father's Day coming up and not that your "daddy" makes you pay to hang out all the time. So this is a cute question then, I might as well take a stab at it in case this person visits my site again for some reason and I suppose something that wouldn't cost CAPS a lot but be fun to do might be: buy some cheap seats at a Jays game on a weekday, build a kite to fly (or umm model car) or maybe going for a bike ride and stopping at a cafe or something for some sandwiches. If your Dad wouldn't like those things, there is always fishing at a conservation area park. And if your Dad really isn't into anything whatsoever, you could sit on a park bench and make fun of other Dad's and their sons/daughters doing those things.. that's always free!

Today is gorgeous and I want to get out there so I will be brief: I took Andrea to Seasons Restaurant in Oakville, we sat in the wine cellar which was so cute and the food was FANTASTIC I will absolutely go again! Possibly take my Dad for Father's Day if I can get a reservation, though don't add that to your list of things to do that don't cost a LOT. Andrea was definitely surprised so that was a total success, then she threw keys at me for lying to her haha, AND the party was also great but my mouth kinda tastes like day old gin (aka evil)... bleh! Pics to come later on.


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