Monday, May 19

Long Hot Summer

Victoria Long Weekend Search Winner!

Short answer, yes he had a party. Long answer, it was just with himself and some Pepsi that burst out of the floor. Don't feel bad for him, it's not like he actually invited anyone else.

This weekend we tried to get this biking thing going and discovered a nice new trail by the house.. unfortunately it was way too cold to go out again today so hopefully when it warms up on Wednesday we'll be back out there. Really looking forward to taking advantage of the warm summer days/nights; you know, until future global warming makes our front lawns, shady trees and small animals burst into flames on a "temperamental" July afternoon. Not as nice to bike in, that is, until I perfect my ice suit. It'll be just like those cute neoprene wet suits you put on your beer bottles in the summer with those giant zipper rings and terrible colours, except packed with ice and for your whole body. The only thing missing from my invention is how, when the earth is int he process of melting, we will make that ice. Oh and also another small speed bump of how to give people the will enough to live, let alone enjoy a nice bike ride. I figure I have about 35 years to figure this out.

By the way I watched the documentary The Corporation and now I'm afraid to buy anything. Anyone else know about the thing with Hitler and IBM, because I sure as hell didn't! I think I would have remembered that history class.

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amber said...

i've watched that movie at least ten times in different classes, and in highschool too. it's awesome, eh.

read the book it's based on "the corporation" by joel bakan.

and yup, knew that about ibm.

if you liked the corporation, watch "outfoxed".

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