Saturday, May 31

Pizza and Beers

I do not want to tell you what the search winner was this week... it's that gross. The only thing someone who looks for "white" animal porn online wins at should be a going to jail contest.

So I tried some Organic Beer from Mill St. Brewery and it was actually really fantastic and extremely drinkable. I was at odds with getting some of the coffee beer for myself and now I know I totally should have! I usually pay attention to stuff when I buy it like, are there any other cases missing? Is nobody else drinking this because it sucks, or like me they are also afraid to be the first one to try it? Sean actually denounced Heineken in favour of this Organic stuff just to give you some idea, and he was a big fan of the first, so I'd definitely try it if you're interested in sampling a new beer this summer. And it's from Toronto!

Oh and I've decided my torrid affair with Pizza Depot is over. I bought some Brooklyn Style pizza from Dominos this weekend and everything! So you know it's really over. It was pretty good, too.. not AS good of course but hey.. losing the 10lbs by simply not eating it will dry my tears. See I'm making grown up decisions, I can't eat anything I want is a pretty obvious self-imposed rule.. if you're not me. Ahhh life. What's next, make the bed everyday?

Actually I tried to make that my new habit and I got to about a 3 week streak. Why oh why can't everything be as easy to maintain as eating pizza?
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