Sunday, May 11

Thanks for not killing me

This week the search winner is someone who googled one of my "26 things I've learned in 26 years" questions. Is dating someone 20 years older ever ok?

Honestly I am so glad I can help you realize you never want to date someone who's been eligible to vote for 3 years, driving for 5 years and drinking for at least 1 year..... when you were newly alive. If you want to put that even more into perspecive, as an infant you sat there pooping yourself and making noises and couldn't make out shapes or see anything past a few inches in front of your face. That same day the person you're screwing right now could have been passed out on his girlfriend's couch from drinking all night then drove home in the morning.

So you see why the answer is NO, no it is never ok. That horrible screaming and yelling your dear mother did to get you here? Yeah that's the same scream she will give you when you tell her you're dating someone 20 years older than yourself and who could blame her, that's just disgusting!!

In closing, don't forget it's Mama Day! It takes a special person not to kill anything that pooped all over them regularly. Think about it!


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