Thursday, June 12

Flavour Country

Search of the Week: since I'm no longer accepting questionable searches, the winner is my own site name "asgoodasitgets" which frequently gets searched.. I don't know why. Come on, just type it into the browser. Grab some balls.

My 70 year old grandfather set his quit date as his birthday - yesterday. Sure, I mistook his standing pace breathing for a squeak toy... and he can't sleep at night without hacking something up but I'm really sure him quitting is going to fix everything. Here's something nobody tells you smokers by the way - you SMELL, for real, and it doesn't matter what you do. Anytime my Mom sends me something I have to disinfect it because I honestly can't stand the smell. That's right, I'm not a clean freak, I let things slide all the time - the smell is really just that bad! Now I think about it I don't know how anyone ever came to my old house without a mask. I'm a little surprised I had as many friends/boyfriends, now that I'm not around smoke I realize it's basically like sleeping in a slaughter house. Mmm death.

Honestly though today my Mom sends me a kiddie pool and it couldn't have smelled more like nicotine.. how is that possible? I'm thinking did she blow the smoke right on it? How do you even disinfect a plastic kiddie pool, even? I'm serious.. I'm going to be outside figuring this out tomorrow. Lemons? Is it lemons? Lemons and Mr Clean?

By the way, I think my new car is going to be whatever doesn't run on gas. So either a hot air balloon or road-windsurfing. Both of those sound awesome actually.... fuck cars!


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