Friday, June 27

Mysteries of the Universe

Well I have a bunch of good news, and one bit of bad news that I can turn into good news. Here goes...

YAY I got a sunburn at the splash park! Now I can use my cool Biotherm After-Sun stuff early this year. No need to wait for when I burn at the cottage, I can be super moisturized and sparkly right now.

Really it's prefect for me since I think the cure for a burn is in fact sparkles.. they just somehow make me feel better. I should really just buy the whole line of products with how badly I burn the first few times in the sun. I wore short shorts for about 10 mins in the direct sunlight last week and my skin's first reaction was to get all red blotchy and angry like.. what the FUCK is this? the sun? you're exposing me to sunlight now?

Eventually my pale English-ness gets over it and then I turn a little Italian Olive, but nothing bridges that transitional period better than this Biotherm stuff.. and believe me, I've tried a lot of stuff! Even some unorthodox methods like getting a sunburn and then going out in the sun some more for some reason. The sun made my sunburn, maybe it can cure it?

How else can I make this good news? Like I said, at least I won't burn at the cottage this year! My burning days will be long gone by then.*

I have such an appreication for my Jersey Fit sheets right now.

* Moment of silence to remember Cottage 2005. Known as the year I drove up in my red cabrio with the top down all 5 hours and got the most horrible sunbelt burn, which looked as if I was swimming in acid, and had to stay out of the sun (and my bra) the entire week! How I avoided skin cancer that year is one of the greatest myteries of the universe.


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