Friday, June 6

Sweet sweet crazy

I ran across this book and now need to buy it because it actually made me want to sew something. Let me be clear that I don't do crafts - if I make something with my own two hands I want it to be in a museum or something awesome, not: "wow now I'm done 46 hours of intense labour on this hat, what should I do first? wear it? oh great... that's all it does... ever." But really, look how flippin adorable those little felt animals are their adorable little flippin birthday party or whatever. Those adorable table and chairs? Give me some tiny flippin adorable blue prints and I'll make those right up, too! I'll make a whole fleet of them and use them for the felt garden reception wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Cuddlebuns. It'll be the most adorable felt wedding of the season!

The reason I don't "craft" is not because I'm not good at anything creative, I am only semi-joking about that senerio above, but I actually believe people who do "craft" are crazy. You can make things but if you "craft" it's highly likely you're totally nuts. I think it's a known fact they are linked together - especially if you don't just like doing one hobby but ALL or any crafts imaginable. You also set time aside to "craft" even if you don't necessarily have a project in mind, host craft parties, have a little craft room with a bunch of your unfinished crafts etc; ya that's crazy!

If you want proof just drive by my old house and ask my Mom to show you all the stuff she made this week. She knits, re-finishes furniture, re-paints, reupholsters things, "finds" things.. and whatever it is, like a mini salt and pepper shaker.. it's nuts. If you're saying to yourself "Oh that doesn't sound so nuts... I think you're overreacting, the worst you could accuse her of is thinking she's Bob Vila" then I'll just mention that most of the things she finds are because squirrels told her where it was. Hey I like that she is active and doing semi-constructive or creative things - that's really great! All I'm saying is I'll run the risk of looking like a total nutjob because I still really want to make these little felt animals!

They could live in the cutest house..... sigh.

My grandfather turns 70 on Wednsday, maybe I can get my Mom to whip him up a soapbox racer before then as a gift. I mentioned her crafts are "unique" right? Like I had to...


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