Thursday, July 24


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We are off to our cottage on Saturday for a week of nada, zip, sweet wonderful nothing. Well that's not entirely true, all the nothing we do is basically fun - sort of like how high school isn't really school at all, just hanging out with your friends aaaand then you get to real life. So ya that's cottage life, I cannot wait to get the hell out of here and into lots of sun/sand/beers; and apparently there have been some major additions since the new owners got there so that will be interesting for us. We're really going to miss Pat and Gary though (the old owners) we grew to love them as much as our vacation. It was sort of a highlight to hang out at the bonfire and have them come down to tell stories with us, or eat fish and wine with them, and stave off the bloodthirsty mosquitoes together etc.

Dear Jesus,

Can I please not get bit by a deer fly or whatever this year. Medical emergencies are just about the only thing I don't find quaint about cottage country. The cafe in town though, brilliant idea.

Love, Ann

Speaking of the bug situation at the cottage, I had an "incident" the other day while cleaning up the dishes. After merely two days of making food and one guest over it somehow looked like the back of a greasy spoon diner - really I don't know how. So I was loading up the dishwasher when suddenly the last dish I picked up revealed a GIANT BROWN MOTH. I suppose it's great I didn't drop the dish I was holding but not so much that my "natural" reaction is to literally flip right out and scream:


Like Ned Flanders when he sees purple drapes. It was pretty funny actually so I had a nice laugh at myself. You know how they say you see what a person is really made of through tough or trying situations - well when it comes to bugs, apparently I am made of eeek.

Also looking forward to my new iPod shuffle for running while we're up there - it's so tiny - I have a thing for naming all my iPods and this one is teal so I'm calling it my iPeaPod. I love it. Sean also got me special earphones for running so they won't fall out. Already faves on my cottage running shuffle playlist:

All Good - Zeroleen
Who's Got It - illScarlett
I Kissed a Girl - Katy Perry

Man this is going to be fun. Have a great week everyone!!


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