Wednesday, July 16

Doing things - check!

Shopping day was so much fun!! I got to sit in comfy chairs while the girls ran in and out of dressing rooms - mishaps and hilarity ensued. Oddly enough it was ME who was tired at the end of the day BUT we found dresses for all the girls. We even dropped by Andrea's dress to her Mom so she can give it to her on Saturday when she flies out there to visit. I am SO excited, they look awesome! And as always if you shop with me you'll notice I save you major cash. They just happen to just go on sale at a $100 discount! Seriously, I like getting things for as close to free as possible I was so psyched about that. Cross dresses off the list - DONE.

Oh cake is off the list too - DONE. Decided on two chocolate mocha and one tier of pumpkin spice!

The truth is I'm not really into details or planning things - I'd never make a good super organizer - it sucks the life from me to make small meticulous decisions. Or even large ugly decisions, but I rather do those. So far all this "stuff" we were too busy for hasn't been that terrible/horrific for us as we thought, aside from 'font decision 2008'. There are pretty much only a handful of things left to do, however, in case you think I enjoy blogging about it it's only that I dislike planning so much I honestly feel like breaking out the champagne every time we finish one. Haha. In fact we may have do that Friday night! Just because.

Also I am anxiously waiting for a new Pioneer Woman Black Heels chapter - should be any day! It's like crack I promise you... it's such a good story, sucks you in like a black hole of romance. The other day we had Sean's mother and her boyfriend over for coffee and she asked if we're writing our own vows. She thought that was sooooo romantic, as Sean and I both laughed heartily at the mere idea. Right, us actually writing something not meant to be funny in any way - suuure. That doesn't sound romantic at all! Yet here I am, on my toes to read more of a love saga literally titled "black heels to tractor wheels" Definitely a wtf-face on that one.. at myself!


amber said...

ooooo, that picture has pretty shoes.

ann.marie said...

...if only they were sparkly too...

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