Monday, July 21

I miss you, fast food - for your fastness

Well apparently the years of absolutely horrible press about KFC - and the treatment of animals etc. has finally done something in Canada and aside from better treatment in killing chickens, they're offering vegan chicken. That's totally a coincidence to my "things that look like other things" post the other day.

Really, I'm only a recent "moderate" vegetarian - so this really isn't my life's dream come to fruition but you have to admit... getting a restaurant chain like Kentucky Fried Chicken to do something like that is pretty big. Maybe someone finally explained to them that uhhh more people will eat there? I know I will definitely be trying it out and I literally never eat at KFC. Sorry, not even their with their "Taste of Asia" - marketers, really, you thought that would help? Send me to Asia, the land of the bird flu - and probably chicken pox as well. No, if you must know, KFC kinda killed it for me way back when they partnered up with Taco Bell in making me wonder if their 11 special spices were really 4 forms of grease, salt, and 6 things that rhyme with MSG. The way they treated their chickens - an extra point of argument to pick a new resturant when I'm eating out with friends.

What I really wonder is how long it will take for big business to realize they're is a whole market out there who LIVES for something, anything, tasty and vegetarian. They tell ALL their friends about it, what brand, where to buy it and they'll remember the "really awesome" veggie chicken or hamburger - or whatever fast food place they bought so and so salad at. That's quite a lot of loyalty-ready customers just sitting on an imaginary product. What, you think people suddenly LIKE cooking for themselves all the time as soon as they decide to cut back on red meat? NO. I'm not even going to pretend I'm coming from a compassionate place when I tell you my ONLY reason for being any sort of moderate vegetarian is because I plan on living for a long time - and the fact that red meat is so cheap, well, how good can that be?

That's correct, when it comes to food I change my policy completely on wanting something for practically free. What kind of cow is $10 for 5lbs of ground beef? A cow that was born with 5 legs? or it's brain on the outside of it's body? Was it fed the rejected genetically modified corn they grew to look like beefy arms? I just don't know anymore! Pass. Sure, I agree it's terrible the way chickens are treated - do I still like chicken? Yes. Will I eat it? No. Is it because I'm just sick to death over the way their little beaks are cut off? No, I'm not that imaginitive when I choose my food - but I do sit and think that if they're treated like that, and sitting in terrible conditions - it's pretty likely they will have diseases. Eating disease? Now that's a face I can put on my sandwiches!

Yeah, I'd be the person who attended a sensitivity semenar and wonder why they didn't pay for better lighting.

Maybe more fast food places can offer something like that too, you know, only if they'd like to make money. I'm not sure but people still like making money, right? Dear goodness I hope so because I'm pretty lazy, I have to say I miss fast food!

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amber said...

yaaaaaaaay! vegan fast food for meeee! this never happens.

and since when are you vegetarian? coming over to the dark side are ya? :P

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